XPERT (NX) 45mm Set - Chrome (CR)

The industry standard 45mm Chrome XPert Spinning and Static Pole
XPERT (NX) 45mm Set - Chrome (CR)
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Sales price: 499.99 $
The NEW NX 45mm Chrome XPERT is now available from X-Pole!
Key changes to the X-Poles are;
New X-Joint with locking Key  - this is a big improvement over the previous pin system and makes the X-Joints even more rigid. You can feel the difference.

New improved X-Joint locking action to ensure joints are really tight.

New larger Hex Key with rubber cover to make tightening easier.

Fixed adjuster cover – no need to remove the cover any more to adjust or lock the adjuster.

Special adjuster alignment system  - to stop adjuster damage.

New marking system to stop over adjustment and simplify installation.

Increased screw sizes throughout – no more rounding off of critical screws

Improved static and spinning lock with larger flattened screw ends

New improved polishing  - higher grip on all poles

New strengthened Carry Cases featuring pockets for the pole tubes and not Velcro

New instructions with more drawings – makes installation clearer

New environmental boxing and inner tray - all paper with no foam!

Recommended Maximum Height: 3.35m - extra NE extensions and NJ joints will need to be purchased.

Please note that the XS/XX extensions and XJ joints will not work with this pole set - however you can use a NJA adapter joint to mix the 2 designs if required.

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