XPERT (NX) 40mm Set - Chrome (CR)

The newly designed NX 40mm Chrome Spinning and Static X-Pert pole. Limited stock available, be quick!
XPERT (NX) 40mm Set - Chrome (CR)
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The NEW NX 40mm Chrome XPERT is now available from X-Pole!

Set to revolutionise the pole industry, the new 40mm (1.5") pole is slimmer than the standard 45mm and 50mm poles whilst retaining a highly durable and robust design that is synonymous with all X-Pole products. The NX pole features a new and improved joint system, new carry bag as well as new environmently friendly packaging.

A significant benefit of the new 40mm pole is that tricks can become easier to perform, increasing dancer's confidence, especially for those with small hands! The 40mm pole gives a unique new dynamic to performances and is already being met with huge praise from the industry.

The 40mm pole really is amazing to dance on!

Recommended Maximum Height: 3.35m - extra NE extensions and NJ joints will need to be purchased.

Please note that the XS/XX extensions and XJ joints will not work with this pole set - however you can use a NJA adapter joint to mix the 2 designs if required.

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