Find the X-Pole that suits your level of ability or style from the latest range of X-Poles. Used Internationally by the worlds leading dancers and teachers there is an X-Pole to suit everyone.

SPORT (XS)  -  This \'Static\' only pole (non spinning) has all the key X-Pole features:
Smooth pole joins using the latest X-Joints, articulating base and the most important feature of all new X-Poles it is \'Bottom Loading\' so no ladders needed.

XPERT (XX)  -  This International class pole features the latest in pole technology developed exclusively by   X-Pole. Used by the world leading dancers and those with aspirations to get to the top, the XPERT™ is the \'Ultimate\' dance pole.

The XPERT™ has all the standard X-Pole features but also includes static and spinning modes incorporating a special locking adjuster (not a nut) , a larger metal upper dome - we do not use platic whic can not take the strain of professional dancing, smaller base plate and a special non invasive adjuster cover which creates a smooth feel pole from top to bottom with no edges for dancers to catch themselves on. X-Pole is the ONLY pole that has no protusions from top to base.

All 2010 X-Poles are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7\' 4\") to to 2745mm (9\') and are offered in several diameters and surface finishes to suit all types of hand and grip requirements.

X-Pole  - Now Featuring X-Joint Technology

The X-Joint™ System (Patent Pending), which joins the X-Pole tubes together, is a unique and exclusive feature of the latest generation X-Poles - SPORT™ and XPERT™. This revolutionary NEW joint makes installation extremely quick and easy whilst increasing pole rigidity and reducing flex. Developed by X-Pole, X-Joints are an exclusive worldwide X-Pole design feature. No other pole has this latest joint technology.


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