X-Poles are all multi-piece dance poles and therefore can be expanded to be used at different heights using extensions. Two extensions, a 125mm and 250mm, are included with each pole set but a further range of additional \'optional\' extensions are also available to suit higher ceilings or allow for shorter/minimum screw adjuster lengths.

Sizing - Most important points to remember when choosing an extension is to select the correct size to minimise the adjuster length and always use one longer extension as opposed to two. Always check your ceiling measurement before ordering extensions.

If you are in doubt as to what type of extension you need - X-Joint extensions are used with \'bottom loading poles (adjuster at the bottom) and Screw joint extensions with \'Top Loading\' poles (screw adjuster at the top).

Extensions for the older screw thread X-Poles will only be available by special order, please contact sales@x-pole.co.nz.

                                       X-Joint Extensions for XS, XX and XST                     

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